Forex Trading – A Beginner’s Guide

Forex or Foreign Exchange is the process of changing one currency into another for various reasons, trading, tourism, commerce, etc. If you have ever traveled to another country, you would usually see a currency exchange booth at the airport and most likely you might even have exchanged some of your currency into the visiting country’s native currency, you have essentially participated in foreign exchange.

To put simply, you have exchanged one currency into another.

Say you are an Australian visiting India. Say you got 50 INR for 1 AUD. Damn, you just became 50 times richer.

On your way back, you decided to convert your unspent rupees back to AUD but now you only got 47 rupees for 1 AUD.

What is this sorcery !!! I just got ripped off.

Relax, the only thing happened here is that the exchange rates have changed.

And due to these exchange rates, it has allowed traders to make money out of it. Humans are opportunists!

The forex or Foreign Exchange, in a more formal way, is the largest financial market in the world!


Lets put a few things in perspective:

The NYSE or the New York Stock Exchange trades around $23 billion per day in volume.

Compared to that, the forex market trades around $5.1 TRILLION per day in volume.


FYI. A trillion is 1000 Billion.

In the American system one billion is 1,000,000,000 and a trillion is 1,000,000,000,000 so one trillion is one thousand times one billion. In the British system one billion is 1,000,000,000,000 and one trillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 so one trillion is one million times one billion.

Looks like our little NYSE monster just saw his big daddy!

Check out the graph below for average daily trading volume for the forex market and various stock exchanges.

The forex market is open 24×5 and only closes down on the weekend. So, unlike the stocks and the bonds markets, the forex market does not close at the end of the day.

Each forex trading day is divided into sessions. There are primarily 5 forex trading sessions:

  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • New York
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

Here is a visual representation:

Here is tool to help you convert the timezones according to your local time. Told you, we got your back 🙂

Click here!

Forex trading is no doubt one of the best ways to make money online. However, there are a few things that you need to understand before putting any of your hard-earned money in.

  1. It is not a get rich quick scheme.
  2. It is a business just like any other business.
  3. And similar to any other business, it takes time to learn and make money off it.
  4. It requires a great deal of education and an even greater mindset to make it a successful business.

So what all is required to trade forex:


Do you know the number one reason why more than 90% of forex traders don’t make money? Coz they ignore the most important ingredient of the mix, which is, you guessed it:


Before you jump in with both feet and lose all your hard-earned money and then give up quickly and blame Donald Trump for your failure. So here are a few sources to get you started:

  • To start your forex education journey, look no further. We have a range of articles, blogs, youtube videos to guide you through your entire forex career. Here is a short video to get you started.

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